Clariant PP 2.85mm

A tough, general purpose 3D printing filament by leading chemical manufacturer, Clariant. Polypropylene (PP) is a great choice for many applications.

Each spool contains 1kg of filament.

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Clariant polypropylene (PP) 3D printer filament is optimized with an additive to improve interlayer adhesion during printing. Clariant Hostanox® P-EPQ® and Hostavin® N 30 are added to the polypropylene to improve the heat stability and resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation and yellowing during printing and usage.


  • Semi-crystalline and non-polar thermoplastic polyolefin
  • Tough (good impact resistance)
  • Flexible
  • Formulation optimized for excellent inter-layer adhesion
  • Reduced thermo-oxidative degradation
  • Minimized undesired yellowing due to ultraviolet light


  • Functional packaging (e.g. bottles)
  • Automotive and transportation parts
  • Parts with living hinges
  • Good material for general polymer applications

Data sheet

Vitesse d'impression
10-20 mm/s
Température impression
Bed Temperature
ideally 80°C
direct printing onto polypropylene based tape, market available adhesion sheets

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